The Reserves perform many Sheriff’s Office duties including providing security for various community events, providing traffic control, serving court papers, assisting with arrest processing and prisoner transport to/from Jefferson County Courts, the Eastern Regional Jail and other facilities.  The Reserves also provide direct services to the community in the form of children’s fingerprinting and patrolling.  Reserves routinely conduct building checks of businesses and residences during patrols that also create a visible presence throughout the county.

     As a non-profit organization the Reserves are dependent on donations and income derived from special events such as the Mountain Heritage Arts and Crafts Festival and the Jefferson County Fair.   The Program is rapidly expanding in size and has established and conducted West Virginia’s first Reserve Training Academy.

     We are a non-profit tax deductible organzation and donations form a significant part of our ability to serve the community.  Donations are voluntary and local Merchants and Organizations deserve recognition for the support they provide.  To insure proper recognition of contributors, we have created a tiered system of recognition: 

    • Contributor, up to $50              Letter of Appreciation
    • Sponsor, $50 to $100              Contributor Recognition, Window Sticker
    • Patron, $100 to $250               Sponsor Recognition, Framed Certificate
    • Benefactor $250 or more          Patron Recognition, Plaque


Thank You for your Donation.