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Mission Statement:

     The Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Reserves is committed to promoting the belief that it is the responsibility of all citizens to preserve life, to protect property and to pledge service to their community. JCDSR members will uphold this objective by assisting regularly appointed Deputies and Police Officers in their routine duties, and by supporting the efforts of other law enforcement and community organizations that share this conviction. The individual Reserve Deputy will perform his/her duties with integrity, professionalism, and timeliness, always remembering that the end product must be quality service to his/her department and community, WE ARE PROUD OF THE WORK WE DO WITH THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE AND THE COMMUNITY.

     Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Reserves is an all volunteer, non-profit organization. We rely on donations and special events to continue our effort of serving the Citizens of Jefferson County.  All donations are welcome. If anyone is interested in joining, donating or requesting assistance with their event, please feel free to contact us.